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Ted Terry is a veteran broadcaster, whose enlightened opinions, quick wit, and mellifluous voice have been a staple for more than 30 plus years. Terry has worked in radio stations on both the East and West Coast, lending his talents to stations  such as: WBLS (New York), KJLH (Los Angeles), KYAC (Seattle) and both KVOO and KRAV (Tulsa).  Terry was a member of the original 1970's K-KOOL ICEMEN, KKUL Radio.

Terry also served as a News Producer at KJRH Scripts Howard Broadcasting.

Throughout his successful career, Terry has interviewed world-renowned celebrities  and dignitaries, both in music and on talk radio broadcast format.

Ted Terry joins KOTV Ch 6 television in 1971. A fulltime production and nightly news cameraman, he produced and hosted local TV programs.

In 1969, Ted Terry began his radio career at daytime AM Country Western and night time Soul Music Station KTOW in Sands Springs, Ok. where he met two men who has greatly influenced him. Radio Anncr's Billy Parker, and the late Sam Griffin.



In 1974, Ted Terry was one of the first DJ's to join the newly formed rock radio station KMOD FM Tulsa, and the first African American.


In 1983, Ted joined oldies radio station KGTO, Tulsa. Midday


In 1984, adult contemporary radio KRAV , Tulsa. While working at KRAV during evenings 6-10, the station became the first FM to reach the number one rating.


KKUL FM Radio Tulsa (K-Kool), Ted was part of the gang at this popular radio station, with some of the most talented radio Dj's. Dr. Soul (Sam Griffin), Rappin Eddie (Eddie Harris), Afrikahn Dayvs,
Billy Williams (AKA Fat Albert), Ron Alexander, and Dennis Culpepper.


In 1986, Ted Terry joined Big Country KVOO AM radio. Ted was again rejoined with long time fellow announcer and Country Music Hall of Famer, Billy Parker.


Ted Terry 1975
KJLH Radio
Los Angeles.

Hear some of Ted's interviews.

The memorable year @ KJLH

Barry Manilow

Johnny Guitar
Watson & Melba Moore, plus Maria Muldaur.

Barry Manilow & Melissa Manchester

Classic Della Reese

Denise Williams & Phillip Bailey EWF.

Sonny Rollins.

Sonny Rollins 2

Betty Wright, Ted Terry, Stevie Wonder

Ted Terry and Friend Denise Williams

Ted Terry and Longtime Friend, Attorney Larkin Arnold

Ted Terry & Teena Marie 1979

Levi Booker, Jessie Jackson, & Ted Terry

Ted Terry & Melba Moore

( TOP )

Producer LAPD LIVE
City Of Los Angeles Telecommunications Department
Los Angeles Police Television program Ch 35 City View
Host/Producer 1996 - 1998

Los Angeles Tonight Television program
Host L.A. City View Live program
City of Los Angeles 1997

KJLH Radio, Los Angeles, CA
Radio Personality - 1994 - 1995
Radio/special programming
KVOO Big Country RADIO, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Radio Personality 86 - 88

KJRH, Television, Tulsa, Oklahoma
News producer 84-86
News Reporter
Talk show host Programs

KRAV Radio, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Radio Personality 84 -85

KBLK Radio, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Program Director 82 - 84

KJLH Radio, Los Angeles
Radio Personality/Program Director 76- 82

WBLS Radio, New York, NY
Radio Personality 1976

KJLH Radio, Los Angeles
Radio Personality 75-76

KYAC Radio, Seattle, WA
Personality, Production Director 1975

ACKERMAN Advertising Agency, Tulsa
Asso-Broadcast Producer 74- 75
Commercial Production
Audio Visual Program Development

KMOD ROCK, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Radio Personality 73-74

Radio Personality


KTOW RADIO, Sands Springs, OK
Radio Personality, 1969 -71

In addition, Terry applies his considerable gifts to yet another industry as CEO/President of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. a  company specializing in Internet publishing and multicultural books. He is also the  author of the "American Black History Reference Manual".

His publishing company's mission is to serve the urban consumer by providing a forum for communication, information and electronic commerce. The first of his extensive Internet publishing websites is the Afrocentric News Network. This network  is composed primarily of websites which vary in the way they serve the urban consumer.  The Afrocentric News Network also
includes a consumer fulfillment store and cyber  mall and can be accessed at: